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May 28, 2021

Self-Care: Why Every Mom Should Book A Solo Hotel Stay

To all the Moms and Parents out there: Are you looking for quiet? Are you looking for peace? Would you like to lie horizontally across a bed, stare up at the ceiling and know that no one will call out your name. No one will ask you for a snack, or to wipe their butt, or look for a toy you didn’t even know you owned? Would you like to go to the bathroom or take shower or bath without visitors? Would you like a blissful night of uninterrupted sleep? May I propose to you the ecstasy that is an overnight stay alone in a hotel room.

At first, you won’t know what to do with yourself. The quiet will be overwhelming. Lean into it. Don’t put anything on just yet. Stare out the window. You might hear phantom whines of “Moooooooooooooohhhhhooooooommmmm” but it’s not real. I promise you its not real.

Don’t know what to do with yourself? Here are my suggestions:

Book a hotel with a big bathtub. Grab your favorite bath products: a soak, a bath bomb, anything with CBD in it is sure to have you in a state of relaxation. A face and eye mask to really get that self care in there.

Write a “Dream Big” list with all your the big dreams and goals you have that you don’t get time to normally entertain.

Watch something on TV you’d never normally watch. Most of us only have time for a quick show – watch a 3 hour documentary on Victorian Dresses or an obscure musical.

Take sexy selfies and show some appreciation for the body that has served you so well. You don’t have to share them with anyone or you could share them widely! Whatever makes you happy!

Bring your own snacks and your own beverage of choice. Order room service or delivery for meals. I like to save money by picking up food and bring it back for dinner and then splurging on room service or just coffee in the morning so I can sleep in and really milk those extra minutes of my stay.

When you return to reality you will be refreshed and restored with more patience than you’ve had in months and everyone will be so happy to see you and hopefully with a renewed appreciation for all you do.

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