Reasons To Ditch The Stroller When You Travel

Wearing Hope and Plum Ring Sling in long length, this particular sling is a double layer which is great for older babies and toddlers. Ring Slings can be worn from newborn into toddlerhood. Long length slings can accommodate approx. up to a size US 40+

Traveling With a Stroller Can Be Annoying + Physically Tasking

Let’s be real. Traveling with a stroller is annoying! Especially if you have a multi-leg trip with different flights, buses, or trains. Especially if you have multiple kiddos! Especially if you are traveling alone! Even if your stroller is lightweight and compact it’s another thing you have to worry about. If you have to check the stroller, you’ll also need to remove anything you need out of the stroller each time you check it. If you’re traveling with a car seat as well then you’re keeping track of, checking, and carrying both stroller, stroller frame and car seat. That’s tasking on the body and a strain on your mental and physical energy. When a caregiver tells me they worry about the strain from babywearing while traveling my response is, think about what the strain is from both carrying kiddos and a stroller and possibly also a car seat. A carrier that fits both you and baby well will not put a strain on your body, it will actually have you feeling supported and give you hands to handle whatever else is needed on your journey.

plus size mom babywearing ssc toddler
Wearing MiaMily Hipster Plus Carrier – can be worn from newborn (with infant insert) into toddlerhood. Fits approx. up to a US size 20/22. Extender available at an additional cost.

Connection + Learning

Another reason to ditch the stroller is what can be gained by wearing your child! When babywearing, baby is able to interact not only with it’s caregiver but also with the world. In a carrier can choose what they wish to look at and what stimulation they wish to filter out that might bombard their developing nervous system. It also puts them right at eye and face level to you, the caregiver which allows for more verbal and non-verbal communication – carried infants hear more language, enhancing brain development and speech development. Through babywearing you’re both increasing connection to your child and also allowing them to experience the world around them at their own pace form the safety of your body and with the ability to filter out stimulation when facing in, on your hip or when wearing on your back. You will also benefit from being able to experience new environments and sights through your child’s eyes. Having them close on your body allows you to experience the wonders of travel with your little one right with you and with new eyes!

A note on forward-facing carries: If you’re choosing to face baby out while wearing them, please make sure that baby is at a safe stage for facing out (around 5 to 6 months, sitting up unassisted, strong head and neck control). Also if you are choosing to face baby out make sure that baby is awake and not sleepy and pay attention to their cues. Baby’s facing outward in a carrier are unable to filter out stimulation and can get over stimulated easily. Just be aware of these cues and consider a back carry or hip carry before facing baby out.

plus size babywearing mom and dad traveling
Wearing Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier. This carrier is great for hiking or long journeys. Great for kiddos around 6 months and up that are sitting up unassisted and have strong head and neck control. Hip belt can accommodate up to a 54″ inch waist.

Special Treatment

I’m kidding but I’m actually not kidding! You’d be surprised how many people will be more considerate, more attentive, and more accommodating when you have an adorable baby strapped to your body. You don’t have to worry about where to put or lock up the stroller, you’re not taking up space with the stroller. Studies show that babies that are worn cry less and no one is unhappy about a calm or sleeping baby.

plus size mom babywearing travel ring sling

Babywearing Counts as Tummy Time

Babywearing is active not passive! When baby is awake and alert in carrier they are activating the same muscles used in tummy time. When you are wearing baby, you are actually giving them a workout, not just with their brains as discussed above, but also with their bodies. You also greatly reduce risk of Plagiocephaly, also known as flathead syndrome caused by infants spending extended time on their backs during the day and at night, putting pressure on the skull.

plus size mom babywearing beach ring sling
Wearing a Nalakai sling in standard length. Ring Slings can be used from newborn into toddlerhood.

Life’s A Beach but Getting to the Beach Can Be Hard

Traveling comes with lots changes. Changes to environment, changes to sleeping arrangement, time changes, weather changes, this can be a lot for baby and toddler! Babywearing and toddlerwearing have you covered! Wearing your kiddo can calm big emotions, regulate body temps and give them the security that comes with attachment and being close to their caregiver.

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